I am a Virtual Assistant.

It's an industry that's been around for a while, almost two decades to be more precise but with the internet making the world a smaller place, it is now an industry that is starting to rapidly expand providing small businesses and busy executives with essential administrative, creative or technical support at the fraction of the cost of an on-site employee. 

A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled professional that provides remote, off-site business support to fit whatever your required need is.  

Free up your time to focus your energy on what is important to you. 

I could just hire a secretary.

Yes you could.  But you'd also have to provide them with a workstation, insure them, pay tax and National Insurance contributions, pay for their sick leave and holiday leave...and don't forget, you are still paying them every time they have a coffee break...or a bathroom break...or have to leave early. 

And most importantly, you also have to keep them happy or they'll move on and then that's more of your valuable time and money wasted on advertising for staff, reviewing CV's, interviewing.  Stress!

A Virtual Assistant is a business owner in their own right.

I provide Administrative and basic bookkeeping support. 

During our free consultation, we shall discuss what your needs are, timescales and deadlines.  My time is accurately tracked by the well respected tracking website, Toggl, from which you shall receive an accurate report at the end of every task, project or month and you pay for time worked to the nearest 15 minutes.


MY Mission

I am passionate about small businesses and helping them succeed in a world that is all about the huge corporations.  The majority of small business fail simply because entrepreneurs try to do everything and get bogged down with things that have to be done but add absolutely no value to their business.

Handing over your email management, calendar management, admin and basic bookkeeping to a Virtual Assistant can take a huge wait off your shoulders and allow you to channel your energies into more positive endeavours....like growing your business!


Entrepreneurs have a Superman Complex that holds them back
— Max Nisen, Business Insider