What is the most time consuming task you have to do?  What do you absolutely hate doing?  Do they add value to your business?

The answers are usually administrative tasks like typing up documents, going through your emails, organising your calendar for bookings and appointments, sorting through your expenses, your invoices; who's paid, who hasn't, chasing those non-payers...

These are the kinds of things we can discuss during your free, no obligation consultation.  We can arrange a Skype chat or just email to see exactly what you need assistance with, assess how many hours would be needed and how Lunar VA Services can start making your life and your business, that much better.

it's not just paperwork

Market and internet research are all necessary for you to stay relevant and move forward but again, these time consuming tasks can be taken on by Lunar VA Services and the results delivered to you in user friendly presentation in Word, Excel or whatever your preference.



Work is delivered either via email, Dropbox or Google Docs (or whateveryour preferred service is) and then delivered back to you via the same method.  It's as simple as that.  For Email and Calendar management, access will need to be granted.  I work in the strictest confidentiality and abide by all GDPR guidelines however if you do work for an organisation, it may be necessary to check any existing NDA's that you have signed that may limit granting a VA access.