Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Kat and although I am a Virtual Assistant, I am actually a real person too.  I am from a small Countryside town in West Wales, UK.

I split my time between Malta and Wales, but really, it doesn't matter where I am because a Virtual Assistant could be on the moon and still reach a deadline. 

my professional bACKGROUND

After qualifying in Business Administration I started working for a large international Commercial Law firm based in Cardiff in 2001, working in their Finance department on their bank reconciliation team.  I continued working in Finance for 10 years, working for Criminal Defence practices and then moving over to the Tech Industry.

I remained in the Tech Industry working as an Executive Assistant and Administrator for one of the largest Social Networking sites in the World, providing essential administrative support to Board Directors and high net worth individuals.  Ultimately becoming the Office Manager of their regional office in Malta.

I am a member of the UK's Society of Virtual Assistants


I decided to become a Virtual Assistant because it is a rapidly growing industry that I wanted to get involved in.  The world has become a much smaller place since the internet revolution.  Business has evolved and can be conducted easily on a global scale, it's only logical that the role of an Administrator should evolve along side it.

As a full time employee, you are restricted to the company you work in.  I wasn't utilising the skills I had properly.  I had more to offer and nowhere to channel it. 

Being a Virtual Assistant allows me to work with whomever I want, whichever industry I want and provides me with different challenges every day.

Life is just a little bit more interesting and after all, who doesn't want to be their own boss?