A Virtual Assistant can drive growth and help take your business to the next level

Whether you are self-employed or a small business, there are enormous benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant.

By outsourcing a lot of your administrative and bookkeeping tasks to Lunar VA Services, you save your valuable time which allows you to concentrate on what is more important to you...building YOUR business.   Anything any other on-site support staff can do, a VA can do.  Except bring you coffee!

  • Decrease your workload
  • Increase your focus on core operations
  • No employee tax/NI to pay
  • No workstation to provide
  • No Company benefits to provide,
  • No money spent on training
  • No legal responsibility as you would towards an employee
  • No office drama!
  • You pay for hours/project completed or set up a monthly retainer contract with pre-agreed hours.
  • You don't pay for time not worked - holidays, sickness, lateness, breaks...
  • Get a quality service.  My reputation and business success depends on providing the highest quality service for my Clients
  • More leisure time for you.